20 thoughts on “Get Your Tickets for the Circle Pond Tiny Home Show 2017”

  1. Hello… Just wondering: “Where is the approximate location of the Circle Pond Tiny Home Community” going to be located?

        1. Very near HCC South Shore. The property is still being developed with heavy equipment on site so the address will be shared at a later date.

      1. Can others get a space there? If not too expensive I’d like to show my lightweight EV trike pickup or subcar and sell some solar panels, etc I have.

        1. Hi Jerry, We would love to have you! I will send you a vendor app (no charge) under separate email. Please complete it and send back. Thanks!

  2. Do we need to purchase ticket ahead of time or can we pay when we get there?
    How many tiny homes will we be able to tour the inside?
    Thank You

    1. Yes, ticket purchasing is available at the gate but faster access will provided for those with tickets. We anticipate 6 tiny homes and 2 skoolies for tours

  3. When will you have pictures of the inside and out, also special things like will you have air condition. I did see a little bit on your aid on tv, but not enough. Thanks

  4. I would have loved to have gone to this. Do you know if there is another Tiny Home Show scheduled for 2018 in Florida by any chance?

    1. Sorry you missed it. I understand the St. Pete Eco-Village has a show coming up in a few months. You might want to reach out to the folks there for the date.

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