Tiny Home Community Development is Underway!

We are excited to announce that the community is officially under development. We are making significant improvements to the grounds and planning permaculture style landscaping & gardening. We certainly have a lot of work on our hands but we are excited to complete the planned improvements over the next few months and have the property ready for our first tenants before the end of the year holidays!

It has taken a lot of time and effort to put together this wonderful community on paper, then getting the proper zoning, licensing, permitting, Etc. So starting to see the community actually take form is extremely exciting. We can’t wait to show off our beautiful lake, gardens and tiny homes soon!

Keep in touch with our progress by Joining our newsletter and regularly visiting the site. If you are interested in being one of the first community members don’t hesitate to contact us now as we are already receiving  inquiries on when spaces will be available. We look forward to additional updates soon!

30 thoughts on “Tiny Home Community Development is Underway!”

  1. Hi there,
    I’m very interested in your upcoming community. When are you officially ready to rent lots?
    Thank you

    1. The basis for this community will one of sustainability. Plans to utilize permaculture and aquaponics are in the works. Wouldn’t it be great to step out of your tiny home and have edible landscaping with organic options? We are a few months out but have great plans! Please mark your calendar for a Tiny Home Show on Sat. 11/11/17 in Riverview to learn more.

  2. Hi, tried numerous times to signup for your newsletter,as I am very interested in tiny living. I know I may be a dinosaur with my aol account, so maybe that is why my email keeps coming up as invalid as I try to register. Can you help.

  3. Thank you for this info – I am very interested in tiny homes and a place to put one in the Tampa Bay area! Can you tell me where exactly this community would be located?

  4. Hi. I was wondering what the age restrictions are for the community. I am really interested in one day having a tiny house in Florida, but every mobile home park I look at is 55+. As a 32 year old, I find it rather disheartening that no place wants to take young people like me.

    1. No age restrictions but we are asking residents to participate in creating a pocket community with edible landscaping and sustainability as a basis.

    1. The community is on 24th Street SE in Ruskin. Yes, dogs are find provided they remain on a leash. Lots will be available for rent once the land is ready.

  5. I’m interested in developing a tiny home community. Would you be able to set up a time to share your experiences.


    Elizabeth Putnam
    Global Sustainabilty USF graduate student

  6. i am al alone want a lease or rent tiny home or apartment to stay is there anyone who rents these tiny home or apt

  7. Hello,

    How much are your lots renting for on a monthly basis? Do you have a site plan you can share? What does the lot rental include? Electric? Water? Trash?

    Can we build a Tiny house on wheels or must it be on a foundation? Can we use any company to build the Tiny home or only approved ones?

    Thank you,

    1. Hi Leanne,

      We are only leasing the lot space. You would have to bring your own tiny home. They include water, sewer, garbage and lawn maintenance for $400 per month. We welcome everyone interested in tiny living!

  8. Excited about your Tiny Home Community! I’ll be visiting for the Festival on Nov 10th, 2018. I would love to be considered for a lot for my future Tiny Home.

  9. Would I be permitted to lease a spot for my 40 foot Jayflight Bungalow trailer? It has 3 slide outs which expand the trailer from 8 feet to 10 feet. I am excited about the community garden.

    1. At this time we are only taking tiny homes on wheels. If you are nearby and would like to participate in the community garden, we can certainly consider that.

  10. I would like to have more information related to your Tiny House communities, such as purchasing the lot space instead of leasing it and locations of the communities. Thanks!

  11. Greetings,

    We will be setting up Habitat Industries in Orlando. We will offer tiny homes on wheels, for foundations, homes from shipping containers. Complete homes as well as do it yourself kits will be available.

    1. Yes, we are pet friendly. Rent is $450 per month which includes water, sewer, lawn care, garbage and electric providing you have a tankless water heater. Thank you for your interest.

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